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Architecture Off-Centre highlights unconventional design practices and research projects, which reflect various emerging discourses within the design discipline and beyond. Hosted by architect Vaissnavi Shukl, the podcast features engaging conversations with exceptionally creative individuals, who, in their practice, have extrapolated the traditional fields of architecture, planning, landscape and urban design to unexplored frontiers.

The Team


Vaissnavi Shukl

  • LinkedIn

Founder and Host

Vaissnavi is an architect and researcher, who investigates the religio-political influences that shape Indian architecture and planning. She received her Master in Design Studies degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Bachelor of Architecture from CEPT University. 


Ayushi Thakur

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Research Intern


Ayushi is a student at Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai and has a keen interest in people-centric
design and sustainability. She believes that architects hold the power to create a better, more
equitable society and is working towards the same.


Kahaan Shah

  • Instagram

Theme Music Composer


Kahaan is a percussionist / music producer based in Mumbai. His life revolves around exploring sounds and frequencies. Cooking up the right combinations of these, is his search always.

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